Livescan Information

ATG Schools is an approved livescan location for Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).  We also provide a mobile livescan service.  As part of the application package you will need to print Livescan Application, complete and take it to livescan location.  If you do it with us, we’ll print it for you, complete it for you and process livescan in our office (usually students do it after the class).  Our livescan fee is $75 for notaries. This includes our rolling fee and DOJ and FBI processing fees.  You can pay for it on the day of the class or prepay online by completing the form below.

Livescan for Public:

In addition to providing livescan service to our clients, we are also open to public.  We also provide FBI Background reports on employees/applicants for companies and law offices for immigration documents.  Since we are approved to provide livescan for all the agencies, we are unable to list all the prices. Fee varies from agency to agency, but our rolling fee is $25 in addition to DOJ and FBI fees.   Please call 818.909.7912 for pricing or to schedule an appointment for livescan.